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Artistic Director Kate Alton is a K. M. Hunter award winner and Dora nominated dancer embarking on an exciting new phase with her revamped company under it's new moniker, Crooked Figure Dances. Having presented numerous highly successful shows under the banner of her original company, Overall Dance (a commissioning company dedicated to bringing together great dancers from Toronto with great choreographers from across North America and beyond), Alton is changing tack to focus her company's endeavors exclusively on her own work as a performer, choreographer and creator.

Alton creates thought provoking, emotionally engaging theatrical dances that are as much explorations of the mind as of the body, working with writers, directors and vocal coaches to develop inter-disciplinary performance works that pack an intellectual and emotional punch.

Her touring programmes brought dance to the Blyth Festival – the first dance company ever presented there – to Hamilton, Peterborough, Guelph, Vancouver, Montreal, the Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa and Festival Danse en Vol in Brussels, Belgium. Toronto's NOW Magazine named Kate as one of the best local dance artists of the past twenty years, and her show Acceleration as second in a list of the top ten dance shows of 2001. In 2004, Kate won a Harold Award and danced Peggy Baker’s solo Unfold in Baker’s Toronto season. In 2005 Kate was invited to create a work on Toronto Dance Theatre for their annual show, Four At The Winch. Last season she performed Louise Bedard's newest work Ce Qu'il En Reste at Usine C in Montreal and on tour in Quebec.A highly regarded dancer, Alton was a featured member of Toronto Dance Theatre from 1989 - 1995, leaving in that year to pursue an independent career. She has since worked with numerous renowned choreographers from across Canada and beyond. Forming Overall Dance In 1998, she presented several shows including Necessary Risks in 1998, Calculated Risks in 1999 and Acceleration in 2001 and featuring work by such illustrious choreographers as Peggy Baker, Louise Bedard, Sarah Chase, Peter Chin, Michael Sean Marye, Claudia Moore and Doug Varone. Displaying an exciting an innovative range of material, all received tremendous support from the public and critics alike.

In May 2006 Crooked Figure Dances presented it's acclaimed inaugural show, DESPAIR …and other conundrums at the Theatre Centre in Toronto.

A thrilling mix of theatre, dance, hilarity, virtuosity, and the macabre, it was described by the Globe and Mail as "so edgy it has already fallen over the cliff". In 2007, Crooked Figure Dances in co-production with Volcano (theatre) and Global Mechanic (animation) will present the full-length version of The Four Horsemen Project in Toronto and Ottawa.

Recently workshopped to tremendous acclaim, this multi-media event co-created and directed by Kate Alton and Ross Manson and choreographed by Alton is a show unlike any other. Involving sound poetry, dance, song and animation it pays joyous and highly entertaining tribute to The Four Horsemen, a group of Canadian sound poets active in the 70's who turned the literary world on its head. This show and it's recent acclaimed inaugural production DESPAIR …and other conundrums reflect the company's mandate to present absorbing and socially relevant text-based dance creations. “It seems that everything Alton and Manson touch turns to gold.” – The Globe & Mail


photos: John Lauener