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Press – below you will find press quotes from previous productions.

"Kate’s great." – NOW Magazine

"Dance works best when it expresses what can’t be communicated in any other way. Kate Alton understands this, and in Acceleration, she makes believers of us all."- NOW Magazine

on a practical level that Alton has applied her knack for going where few others have gone before..." —NOW Magazine

"Completely Fascinating." —Globe and Mail

"Overall Dance’s Acceleration, boasts six new dances by four choreographers, and is full of eccentric, vulnerable characters and great dancing. In fact, the show’s so strong, it’s hard to do it justice in a short review." - Eye Weekly

"Stunning... Absolutely incredible... I've had my faith restored in dance in this city..." —CJRT FM



photo by David Hou

"Overall Dance is a new dance company that made its punchy debut at Dancemakers studio on Wednesday night... plucky work, shot through with an adventurous spirit... mysterious, but wholly engaging and theatrically rich.... food for thought… Alton was transformed into an undulating sex goddess... The work's bold articulation of the body erotic was a winning conclusion to a satisfying 90-minute program." — Globe and Mail

"Wonderful, intense, mesmerising... a metaphor for life."— Classical 96

"Some years ago I asked several dancers what excited them most in performance. One of them said: "When my eye is directed toward the surrounding space in a fresh, surprising way." I didn't fully understand that until years later, when I had a revelation watching Kate Alton dance." — eye weekly

"Mark(s) (Kate Alton's) entry into the major leagues of contemporary dance"
—Toronto Star

"T.O. choreographic diamond in the rough Kate Alton is irresistibly attracted to the unconventional - in both art and life... But it's on a practical level that Alton has applied her knack for going where few others have gone before..."
NOW Magazine